20 January 2016

Euro Disney Adventure

I went to Euro Disney for Christmas and I had an awesome time.

Obviously I took my camera.

Photography in a place where absolutely everything is designed to be photographed will always be a challenge. It's not like beating the streets of London and chancing upon a baffling scene of urban ingenuity where a piece of litter is interacting with the wider world in a humorous and entertaining way. Disney employ a lot of conscientious staff to keep the park picturesque, all of the textures are designed and the paintwork is pristine. That's the charm but I'm more interested in the cracks, I was just hard pressed to find any. Wanna take a snap of Cinderella's wig when it's gone a bit wonky? Not gonna happen, mate. Ever notice how the bollards look a bit like penises reaching skyward? Not at Disneyland. It's the most un-genital place on Earth and nothing is wang shaped.

I was not deterred. Furrowing my brow and scanning the landscape like a hawk I even managed to find a lady holding a bright red balloon that looked a little bit like a willy.

I was happy. See the full collection here.

I'll leave y'all with one of the many facts that I learned about Disney's culture, lands and history during my trip:

Euro Disney isn't called Euro Disney any more. A change in currency rendered that name the French equivalent of Poundland and those that run the Disney empire thought "better change it". Thus it became Disneyland Paris and all that went there were free from the burden of thinking about money once more. Thank the lord.